Human Capital Management Solutions

Synerion's human capital management (HCM) comprehensive and modular suite of software solutions helps you plan, monitor, and maximize the employee life cycle in your organization.

Our solutions are both tactical and strategic:
  • Daily operation of workforce management
  • Access Control
  • Strategic talent management - solutions by Lumesse
  • Recruitment.

To help you manage the employee life cycle in your organization, our solutions contribute to the maximization of your HR potential and improvement of business performance.

Synerion’s advanced tools enable you to effectively maximize and empower human capital management:

  • Comprehensive solutions with rich functionality and graphic displays for ease of use
  • Modular approach - solutions that grow with the organization to provide lasting value for short and long term needs
  • Global solutions that are fully adapted to local requirements, differences between companies, unique organizational needs and modes of operation, as well as multiple-language support
  • Leading HR solutions offering advanced technology by experienced companies in their field, to create synergy in the management of human capital
  • Best practices - professional services and methodologies that have been proven effective in practice
  • Best cost-benefit ratio.


WFM - Workforce Management

Workforce Management - WFM

Improve Productivity. Manage Employee Time Effectively. Reduce Overtime. Respond to Changes.

A comprehensive and modular suite of workforce management solutions that includes: time and attendance management, absence management, scheduling, alerts for compliance with labor laws, labor costing, Smartphone application and more.
Our expanded employee file provides a current and historical view of each employee.

An employee and manager self-service tools provide analytics, generate reports and graphical views of integrated data that enable you to improve performance, increase efficiency, as well as respond actively to changes and different scenarios.


Access Control

Access Control

Secure Your Organization's Sites. Monitor Attendance.
An advanced access control solution to monitor and control entrance to areas that you want to protect, prevent entry of unauthorized personnel, and to ensure a high-level of security.
The access control systems, which are fully integrated with the Synerion Time and Attendance system, eliminate the need for duplication of employee data and enable data flow between systems.
Talent Management

Talent Management

Realize your Objective. Nurture and Retain Talent. Prepare for the Future.
Comprehensive, integrated, modular solutions from Lumesse: from performance management, to learning and compensation management, to career and succession planning and more. These solutions enable you to reward best performing employees, generate development, mobilization and career plans, as well as identify, develop, and retain employees who contribute the most to achieving current organizational goals and those with the most potential for future contributions.


Recruit the Best. Reduce Cost per Hire. Shorten Time-to-Hire.

Synerion's comprehensive recruitment solutions manage jobs, automatically capture applicant resumes from various channels, build a reliable candidate pool and identify the best-qualified applicants. They allow for the efficient management of all stages in the recruitment process vis-a-vis all parties involved: the candidates, HR, hiring managers and placement agencies.