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Expense Report

The Synerion Expense Report module enables employees to submit a digital expense report for their manager’s approval, using either the Synerion Mobile Pro application or the Synerion Direct interface. The expense report includes an attachment of photocopied credentials as well as comments. Should you be using the Synerion Labor Costing system, you can also assign […]

SAP Jam Collaboration

Connect Employees to Experts and Knowledge. Promote Social Collaboration to Get Work Done. Social collaboration streamlines HR business processes across your organization – bringing people together to drive companywide results. SAP Jam facilitates social collaboration in the workplace by connecting employees, customers, and partners with the people, information, content and processes they need to get […]

Synerion Success – Strategic Human Capital Management Solutions

Attract, Develop, and Retain the Right Talent. Engage your People. Prepare for the Future. It’s your company’s employees who add value, drive growth and generate innovation. Moreover, in a dynamic business environment where it is difficult to maintain a competitive advantage, an organization must demonstrate flexibility and agility in order to adjust its business strategy […]

SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding

Engage and Retain New Hires. Shorten Time-to-Productivity. One of every four employees leaves during the first year.SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding facilitates the onboarding of new hires, helps them to align with their goals, and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors they need to be productive in the organization in record time. One of every four […]

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Sort and Hire Talents. Measure the Quality of the Hiring Process. Hiring the best and the right people for your organization has a dramatic, measurable impact on your business performance. SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting in the cloud, helps you find the best candidates, sort and hire talents, as well as measure the quality of the hiring […]

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation

Drive Excellence. Reward and Retain High Performers. In dynamic and competitive markets, it is essential to manage effectively incentives, employee compensation and benefit plans.  With appropriate plans in place you are better able to attract top talents, retain them over time, generate workforce motivation and exceptional contribution, and reward success. SAP SuccessFactors Compensation, a cloud-based […]

SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals

Share Goals. Measure Performance. Provide Continuous Feedback. Reward Success. Performance management is so much more than setting and measuring goals. To succeed, you need a workforce that clearly understands the strategic business objectives and can quickly adjust course as business needs evolve.  SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, a cloud-based system, helps your organization ensure strategy and […]

SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development

Shape your Future Organization. Develop Great People. Minimize Risks. Succession management is imperative for every organization, since the future success of your company may very well rely on your next cadre of leaders. As a matter of fact, organizations that succeed in cultivating their next generation of talent, as well as engaging and retaining current […]

SAP SuccessFactors Learning (LMS)

Promote an Ongoing Learning Culture. Develop People and Prepare for the Future. With the Learning Management System (LMS) you can ensure that your people have the required knowledge and certifications to excel in their jobs.SAP SuccessFactors Learning, a cloud-based solution, enables you to develop and improve employee skills, create a culture of ongoing learning, and […]

Solutions for the Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Industry

The life sciences, biotech, pharmaceutical and medical equipment sectors show consistent growth. In these highly intensive knowledge-based industries, where product quality depends on innovative, creative and groundbreaking research, and is the result of meticulous and innovative R&D processes, people definitely make the difference. Even where technology is advancing faster than ever, it is still difficult […]