Synerion Alerts

Facilitate Compliance with Labor Laws. Minimize Risks. Avoid Corporate and Personal Penalties.

The law for the enhanced enforcement of labor laws has been enacted and the Ministry of Economy has expanded its execution among non-compliant employers.
The new law imposes heavy fines on organizations and on managers personally. Penalties can reach up to NIS 35,000 per offence.

The Synerion Alert system supports a range of alerts on issues related to work schedules and attendance, depending on the Synerion systems deployed within the organization. These alerts will enable you to minimize risks and avoid fines, both corporate and personal, due to labor law violation.

Alert System for Labor Law Compliance

  • Minimize penalties for non-compliance with labor laws and regulations
  • Reduce personal exposure of managers
  • Protect employee rights.

Alert System – Because Smart Management Minimizes Risks

  • Alerts on labor law violations regarding issues related to employee attendance such as exceeding the permitted number of daily/weekly work hours, exceeding the permitted number of hours and days of youth employment, etc.
  • Alerts on labor law violations regarding work schedules, such as the minimum interval between shifts, the allowed number of night shifts within a certain period, the number of consecutive shifts and consecutive work days on rest days and holidays, and more
  • Option to configure additional alerts, in accordance with the organization’s policies and needs
  • Generating alert reports on attendance issues, including the option to coordinate distribution of alerts among managers
  • Work schedule related alerts – setup of on-screen pop-up alerts at the time of creating a work schedule that does not comply with legal requirements, or blocking the option of creating a work schedule of this kind.

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