Alerts and Notifications – Synerion Recruitment System

The Alerts module is an add-on to Synerion Recruitment system that ensures organization compliance with Notice to Candidate Law requirements.
The module automatically generates timed alert and reminder email notifications concerning the recruitment process without any manual intervention.

The Alerts module supports:

  • Documenting all emails sent out by the system – provides proof that email was sent to a specific e-address
  • Notifying failure to deliver email
  • Customizing templates and content depending on the status of the candidate
  • Phrasing cause-specific rejection notifications
  • Updating the relevant persons in the recruitment process – candidates, hiring managers recruiters and placement agencies
  • Defining the timing of each alert or reminder
  • Generating reports of automatic email notifications indicating if delivery was completed or not
  • Searching notifications sent to a specific e-address.


Examples of Automatic alerts and notifications:

  • An email to a candidate every 60 days from the start of the recruitment process
  • Simultaneously send notification to the hiring manager that the candidate is still being processed
  • Notify a manager to complete a task within two day
  • Send a candidate a reminder to an interview or appraisal meeting
  • Automatically send a rejection notification four days after a failed interview
  • Within 14 days of the position  closure, relevant candidates will be notified, including the cause of closure, for example, position filled
  • Reminders from placement agencies to their clients, to update them on the status of candidates they have referred to them.




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