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Altair Semiconductor is the leading provider of single-mode
LTE solutions, playing a pivotal role in realizing the vision of the Internet of Everything. As a global company undergoing continuous growth, Altair searched for a solution that would help the company attract and retain leading professionals in the high tech market.

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With corporate headquarters in Israel and subsidiaries worldwide, Altair did not have a centralized systemto manage its human capital. Data was scattered throughout the organization and maintained on Excel files. As the company grew and the number of employees increased, Altair looked for a key solution that would enable it to manage employee data centrally, as well as job incentives
and rewards to enable it to attract and retain leading professionals in a highly competitive field.

Altair searched for a system capable of offering a comprehensive view of its human capital. The system needed to have HR analysis capabilities that would provide Altair with insight into its human resources and assist it in making informed decisions. Altair chose the Lumesse solution, which is based on Best Practice, can go live within a few days, and meets the highest standards of data security.

For the long term and to meet the expanding needs of its HR Department, Altair chose Lumesse as a solution that can grow with it as the company expands by adding complementary modules from within an integrated solution package.

Setting the Scene

Altair is a leading global company in 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) solutions. Altair’s single-mode LTE solutions power more than 80 end-user devices, including: tablets, netbooks, USB dongles, portable hotspots, fixed routers and modems, and M2M applications.

The company was founded in 2005, and has been growing steadily.
Today there are about 200 employees, most of whom are in its research
and development center and corporate headquarters in Israel, and the remainder in Altair subsidiaries in the US, China, Taiwan, Japan and India.

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Inspiring Solutions

The selection of the Lumesse Talent Management system proved to be a very successful choice.

“We chose the Lumesse Talent Management solution because it fits our perception of HR,” says Shlomit Semel, VP Human Resources at Altair. “We searched for a solution that would consolidate all employee and position data that was previously scattered throughout a number of systems and managed by Excel files. Now, thanks to the Lumesse system, we have a comprehensive view of our employees’ data, with emphasis on compensation management, as well as a complete picture of the manning, number and structure of positions within each organizational unit.”

HR analytics and reporting flexibility allow Altair to segment the information by subject, or by different populations in the organization, so that the report contains only up-to-date relevant data to provide either a general overview or specific topical data, as needed.
“With the easy setup of digital personal files and the easy management of a clear visual organization tree, we are able to gain insight into various aspects of human capital management. This also helps us to make informed decisions.”

At present, the system’s main goal is to focus on employee compensation management – payroll updates and allocation of options.
“We operate in the highly competitive high-tech market where our people are our most valuable asset. It is our employees who have led us to become the leading company in our field. Proper compensation management is crucial to attracting the best minds in the market to our organization and retaining them over time,” continues Shlomit Semel. “Comparing our terms of employment to those prevailing in the market, and keeping track of the compensation and incentives awarded to each employee, will allow us to allocate our resources optimally among our employees based on their performance appraisal.”

The Lumesse solution was chosen based on a long-term perspective. The ability to add integrated modules as the needs of the organization evolve was a major consideration in the decision.
“We were looking for a comprehensive solution with a modular approach,” says Shlomit Semel, “a solution for the long-term that will grow with us and we’ll grow with it.”

Fantastic Outcomes

The rich functionality of the Lumesse Talent Management system, as well as its ease of use, have provided Altair with the availability of data at the touch of a button, at whatever cut it chooses. Because of these capabilities, nearly no implementation time was required, and within a few days human resource management processes in the organization went online and became most effective.

“We defined our needs and requirements of the system early in the project. The Synerion team configured the system to meet these requirements. Within a week, we were able to collect all historical employee data from the other systems. The new system then went live and we were able to start working with it,” said Shlomit Semel.

Altair can now plan for human capital, track employee data, especially compensation and incentives information, and manage it effectively.
“The Lumesse Talent Management solution meets our current requirements perfectly, and we believe that it will provide the best solution for our future needs. After having examined a number of systems, we chose Lumesse because it’s the right decision in terms of cost-effectiveness,” commented Shlomit Semel, VP of HR at Altair.