Business Partners



With 100 million employees in 7,000 organizations world-wide, SAP SuccessFactors solutions are the leading cloud-based solutions, with the highest number of users.
Synerion is a pioneer in a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) type of collaboration, which empowers us to deliver end-to-end services for SAP SuccesFactors solutions in the cloud, integrated with our own products.
This allows licensing, implementation, and support from one provider with an overall responsibility for the integrated, cost-effective solution.


ExploreGate develops cloud based interactive training platform to deliver engaging training for your employees, customers and business partners, accessible from anywhere at any time.

With ExploreGate game changing patent technology, you can share knowledge using a powerful Q&A engine to respond to users’ questions in real time and bridge knowledge gaps “on the go”.

The solution includes online training system, social and interactive learning, knowledge communities, surveys and polls, tests, certifications, procedures, feedbacks and more.

Automation Technology Group

ATG (automation technologies group), established in 1967, is a leading IT solutions provider that develops and implements computerized systems for the local authorities and other public institutions: tax collection and population management, financial systems, salary and human resources and engineering and geographic information systems (GIS).

The cooperation between Synerion and ATG enables the two leading and experienced companies to offer a solution for time and attendance and payroll, designed especially to answer the needs of the municipal sector.


Rosslare provides advanced security systems for institutions and organizations in the public and private sectors.

Since its establishment in 1980, Rosslare has been providing its customers with a variety of advanced technological solutions in access control, proximity readers and security management of buildings and sites.

Always maintaining the highest quality standards, Rosslare operates through branches and a network of worldwide distributors.


Impro began its operations in South Africa in 1987 as a manufacturer of electronic measurement solutions, and has developed into a leading competitor in the design and manufacture of access control solutions.

It provides advanced entry control systems and proximity readers to customers in more than 60 countries, and operates through a network of distributors worldwide.

GoTech Vision - Genesys

Gotech Vision provide a simple and easy platform, Genesys, to manage the entire security system for small to large organizations, military facility, shopping center, hospital – wherever the need for one C&C platform is essential.

With Genesys C&C platform you can manage the access control system, Synerion Time and Attendance system and any security devices.


Since its foundation in 2000, Cellact has been a pioneer in the mobile messaging field. The company developed technologies which perfected the distribution quality and performance of all the major bulk messaging protocols, including SMS, USSD, and mobile landing pages.

The collaboration between Synerion and Cellact enables smart communication with candidates directly from the Synerion Recruitment system.

Triple C

Since 1989 Triple provides key technological services, such as: cloud computing, hosting services, communication services etc. Triple C delivers computing solutions straight from the most advanced data center in Israel: private and public cloud computing services, home and business Internet service provider, hosting services, disaster recovery and business continuity and integration services for computing solutions.

The collaboration between Synerion and Triple C enables us to offer cloud based Time and Attendance solutions, to small companies as well.


Intervid Africa is a South African based integrated security solutions and intelligent infrastructure supplier.
By using the finest selection of hardware and software solutions from the world’s leading technology providers Intervid offers its national clientele seamless and professional solutions which solve the many related risks associated with every day business: Intervid is a market leader in providing fully integrated security solutions including access control, CCTV, BMS and fire detection that can be easily managed from a single platform.

DuPont Telecom

Headquartered in Johannesburg, Du Pont Telecom is a full-service telecommunication company that provides superior connectivity in data, voice and network infrastructure. Since 1999 the company services corporates and owner-managed companies, consulting throughout South Africa.

Du Pont Telecom offers an Access Control and Time and Attendance suite for all sizes of businesses, which saves administrative costs and enables central management of attendance policies across multiple locations.


Since 1998, EOH provides the technology, knowledge, skills and organizational ability critical to Africa’s development and growth.

Following the Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing model, EOH, the largest implementer of enterprise applications, provide high value, end-to-end solutions to its clients in all industry verticals.


Ibereffect offers a complete range of business consulting and IT services on the European Hospitality market: Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, France, Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal.

Synerion Hospitality Suite, an integrated workforce management (WFM) solution, specially designed for the hospitality sector, is a significant addition to Ibereffect’s product portfolio.


Founded in 1992 as the Romanian and Eastern European representative of WizSoft Inc. International, Wizrom is an integrator of business software solutions.

Wizrom works with a wide range of international business and technology partners to provide advanced business management software solutions to more than 2,000 active customers.


Datassist specializes in employment legislation and provides outsourced salary solutions and services.

Located in Turkey, Datassist is a leading company in the market and has been operating for over 10 years.

It provides advanced HR technological tools and solutions to local and international companies and organizations through international partnerships.


Established in 1967, NEBS today is the veteran and most reliable wage service provider in Canada. 

It services companies and organizations of different scales, from coast to coast, and is distinguished by its high degree of customer satisfaction.

The company offers customized payroll services that enable accurate pay, reduced administrative costs, increased productivity, and compliance with regulatory and legal requirements affecting payroll.


Lumesse is a global leader in comprehensive and integrated talent management solutions:  performance management, learning, employee mobility and retention, compensation management, career and succession planning, skills and competencies that the organization requires, and more.

With a company presence in 70 countries worldwide and 2,000 customers in a variety of business sectors, Lumesse systems, knowledge, and experience make it possible for Synerion to offer exclusively to the Israeli market a complete human capital management solution.


Unique develops payroll systems and projects, and processes approximately 200,000 pay slips monthly for companies in all business sectors.

Cooperation between Synerion and Unique enables us to offer you an integrated solution for time and attendance and payroll management. The integration between Synerion Time and Attendance and Unique’s payroll system creates a synergistic and proven solution of two flagship systems developed by two experienced companies, leaders in their fields of expertise, providing you with the best cost-benefit ratio.