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Synerion Time and Attendance

Manage Overtime. Reduce Labor Costs.   

Synerion Time and Attendance solution provides a comprehensive and detailed view of the work hours your organization utilizes, allocates, and pays for, and enables you to constantly improve efficiency and to accurately calculate payroll. 

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Synerion Absence Management

Manage Absenteeism. Reduce Operational and Financial Damages.

Synerion’s Absence Management system enables supervisors and department heads to plan and manage the absence of their team members in a way that balances employee requests and their eligibility for time-off with the organization’s operational needs. 

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Synerion Scheduling

Assign the Right People, in the Right Places, at the Right Time.
Prevent Risks and Penalties. Meet Budget Framework.

Synerion Scheduling addresses the main challenge faced by labor-intensive sectors: controlling labor costs without compromising the quality of service and ensuring compliance with statutory and union requirements.

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Synerion Labor Costing

Control Labor Costs. Meet Profitability Targets.

Synerion Labor Costing enables you to track, at any given time, work hour utilization per task/project at the organization, department, or employee level, and to ensure that the company maintains its profitability objectives. 

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Synerion Direct -Employee and Manager Self Service

A Clear View of all Data you Need

Synerion Direct, Synerion’s new Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) system, enables direct access to information, updates, and communication between employees and managers in matters of attendance, absences, tasks, and work schedules.
The innovative and friendly interface is easy to navigate and supports your work processes.

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Synerion Mobile Pro

Reliable Smartphone-based attendance reports

Synerion Mobile Pro, Synerion’s smartphone-based attendance reporting solution, is integrated with the organization’s attendance system. It enables remote clock in and out, reports on tasks performed, submitting absence requests and more – all via the employee’s smartphone.

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Synerion Core HR – Employee File

Accessible, available, flexible information, adapted to the organization’s needs

Synerion Core HR, Synerion’s new and comprehensive employee Web file, centralizes information to provide a current and historical view of each employee, from his/her personal data, through the onboarding processes, work history, courses, training, personal meeting reviews and performance evaluations, up to the termination of employment.

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Synerion Analytics

Analyze Data. Make Decisions. Improve Management.

Synerion Analytics provides managers with advanced analysis and reporting capabilities, using reports and graphic displays of integrated data. The system supports managers in making decisions that affect the cost, productivity, and management of your organization’s human resources.
The intuitive and user-friendly interface allows for free data analysis and display of complex metrics in various dimensions.

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Solution for High-Tech Companies

Control Attendance, Absences and Tasks Performed

The Synerion WFM Express system for managing employee time and attendance is the “plug and play” version designed for small to medium sized companies. 
It provides a comprehensive and accurate view of the work hours that the company utilizes and pays for, in order to help manage the organization smoothly and profitably.

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Access Control

Smart Access Control Solutions

Access control systems enable you to monitor and control entrance to areas that you want to protect, and prevent the entry of unauthorized individuals. The systems monitor the entrance and exit of both employees and guests.

The access control systems fully integrate with the Synerion Time and Attendance system, eliminating the need for duplication of employee data, enabling data flow between systems, and guaranteeing an easy integration by importing data from the previous system at the time of installation of the new one.

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Synerion Recruitment

Recruit the Best. Reduce Cost per Hire. Shorten Time-to-Hire.

With Synerion Recruitment you can manage a high quality recruitment process effectively, providing a quick response to your organization’s dynamic recruitment needs and realizing a quick return on investment.

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