List of Terms – C

Career development

Career development looks at how individuals manage their careers within and between organizations and, how organizations build the career progress of their employees. In many organizations the career development is a part of succession planning process.


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Collective Agreement

A collective agreement is an agreement formulated in accordance with the law regulating collective agreements. The agreement can take place between an employer and a workers’ organization representing all or part of its employees. The agreement can be between an employers’ association that brings together employers in a given sector and operates according to a charter applicable to all members of the association. Collective agreements can address issues such as working conditions, labor relations, rights and obligations of the parties to the agreement, and more.



Collective Settlement

Collective settlement is a collective definition of working conditions, which, unlike the collective agreement, is not formulated in accordance with the law regulating collective agreements. 




Compensation is a monetary or other consideration given to the employee in return for a job or service provided. This consideration can be given as wages, commissions, bonuses, possibilities for self-development, promotion, and more.


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Compensation Management

Compensation management is a policy, implemented in conjunction with specialized software, designed to help an organization to attract, reward and retain the right people and reduce employee turnover.
Compensation management software allows HR and management to build a flexible and transparent competitive approach, easy to compare against industry benchmarks, base on salary, bonuses, incentive schemes and company benefits.


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Contract Worker

Worker employed through an employment agency, but in practice his work is carried out on the location of another employer who manages the employee.


Core Position

Vital position that serves the main mission of the organization and are involved in central processes that are essential for the functioning of the organization.



Critical Positio

The term refers to positions that if vacant over time, or if staffed by unqualified employees, are liable to cause significant damage to the functioning of the organization.



CV indexing

Indexing is an automatic mechanism in the Employee Recruitment system, which scans the resumes of applicants in order to identify keywords and expressions that match the job requirements.

The process is performed for the initial screening of the CVs. Next, the candidates pool is analyzed to determine the degree of an applicant’s suitability for the job based on the number of common expressions between the requirements and the applicant’s resume, and their relative weighting.


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