Synerion Scheduling

Assign the Right People, to the Right Places, at the Right Time.
Prevent Risks and Penalties. Meet Budget Guidelines

Synerion Scheduling addresses the main challenge faced by labor-intensive sectors: controlling labor costs without compromising the quality of service and ensuring compliance with statutory and union requirements.
Scheduling System – Smart management cuts costs
Synerion Scheduling system enables managers to:
  • Set staffing needs
  • Generate long term schedules that respect budgets
  • Create schedules  based on expected workloads and events, at an employee / department / shift / position level, to prevent overstaffing and/or understaffing
  • Assign employees to shifts according to fixed or flexible work patterns, for optimum staff coverage of planned workloads, while taking into consideration employee availability and working preferences
  • Identify staffing gaps in the short term and perform ad-hoc staff assignment
  • Employee loaning between departments.
Synerion Scheduling enables employees to:
  • View their shifts via the Internet / Smartphone application 
  • Request swapping shifts directly with a suitable colleague prior to submitting the request for approval by their manager
  • View the status of swapping requests they have sent to or received from other employees and their manager’s approvals.
Synerion Scheduling system provides:
  • Recommendations about the most suitable employee to be assigned based on set of configurable attributes, such as fit to position, seniority, vacation balance and more
  • Real time alerts when violating labor legislation, and when non-compliant with statutory and union requirements, as well as company policies
  • Central control panel (dashboard) to highlight issues and trends that require your attention and allow for a timely response.
Synerion Scheduling to Control Costs 
  • Ability to easily identify gaps  between the budget forecast and planned schedules before deviations occur, to allow corrective action to staff schedules
  • Reduction of labor costs – Synerion Scheduling system offers a list of recommended employees based on seniority, worked hours and vacation balance, providing managers with the ” big picture” and supports them  in making informed scheduling decisions
  • Decreasing overtime through real-time alerts on deviation to allowed overtime thresholds
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance and prevention of penalties by offering:
    o    Total compliance with labor laws, regulations and  union agreements
    o    An alerts engine to warn of deviation from  work hours, number of shifts, rest time between shifts, number of consecutive days worked, etc.
  • Friendly, intuitive and smart interface.
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