Solution for attendance management and payroll
The solution for time and attendance management and payroll by Synerion, enables you to manage employee attendance and absences, process information in accordance with work agreements, and ensure accurate payroll calculations.

You can thus save costs and ensure accurate payment to employees, while providing employees with a sense of security and transparency, as well as protecting their rights.

Attendance and payroll systems – robustness, accuracy, and transparency
  • Advanced payroll calculation capabilities that support any work agreement, ranks and ratings, full retroactivity, the ability to create counters, add computational operations and more
  • Rich functionality that allows better management, monitoring, and control of work time and costs
  • Cost savings through accurate calculation of work time (including rounding of hours), early arrivals or tardiness, breaks, rest time, and holidays
  • Support for a wide range of employment agreements, including global salary, overtime, part-time, shift work and split shifts, ensuring compliance with the law
  • Simulation and scenario capabilities and employee retrieval based on complex conditions, changes in legislation, in employee data, and comparison of results of different calculations
  • Reports that provide analysis for efficient planning of employee performance, comparison with actual results, and taking prompt corrective action.
Attendance and payroll systems – a managerial and operational tool
  • Up-to-date and historical attendance and payroll data in real time from a central data source
  • Web-based self-service tools provide employees and managers immediate access to information about employee attendance/absence and payroll, including two-way information transfer, data retrieval, querying and updates, based on an authorization system
  • Interface with various data collection systems including attendance clocks, Web entry, landline and mobile phones, Smartphones, and access control systems.
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