HR Analytics

Visualize Data. Support Decision-Making.

HR teams must be able to calculate, retrieve, understand and analyze key organizational and workforce metrics to support the business.
The HR Analytics gives you instant, actionable intelligence instead of just raw data.

With one central, consistent database fed by multiple data sources, this powerful analysis toolset allows you to monitor and report across all talent management modules via central dashboard and graphic views, delivering detailed insights into key HR processes.
Thus, you can make informed decisions on employee mobility and promotion, compensation, long-term strategic planning such as best succession scenarios and more.

  • Plan ahead: Support long-term organizational planning with insight into the best sourcing, succession and deployment scenarios.
  • Support decision-making: View details of specific groups or individual employees, while the system automatically correlates data and recommends critical actions and next steps.
  • Visualize your data: Graphical views allow you to highlight successes and potential issues at a global or regional level via an interactive map.
  • Work smarter: Equip teams to make smart decisions around promotion and pay, with access to a broad metric and KPI library for all talent management areas.
  • Work faster: Embedded analytics and automated alerts guide managers to quick adjustments and continuous improvements.
  • A complete picture: Effortlessly produce informative organization charts based on your existing data, or review the talent pipeline for a specific position.
  • Flexible, pre-built reports: Benefit from best-practice, configurable reports on issues such as potential against performance or performance against retention.


Working Together
The HR Analytics is a core component of the Talent Management solution. HR Analytics integrates seamlessly with all our Talent Management solutions, helping you produce instant, accurate and actionable data across your entire organization, as well as integrating and reporting data from all modules such as Performance Management, Compensation Management, Skills and Competencies Management, 360 degree Feedback, Career and Succession Planning, and Learning Management.

Video - Lumesse ETWebWatch a short video and see how you can nurture and retain your employees and assist your organization in realizing its current and future business goals, with our Talent Management solutions. 


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