Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Synerion Website.
Please read carefully the privacy protection policy detailed below (Hereinafter – “The Privacy Policy”).
Browsing and use of the Website (Hereinafter – “The Website”) is subject to the privacy policy. Should you not agree with the entire privacy policy provisions and unreservedly, please immediately stop browsing the content/ Website (you browsing the Website is also subject to the terms of use of the Website.

1.    General

  1.     1.1. Synerion Systems Ltd. (Hereinafter –  “The Company”) respect the privacy of any person using the content (Hereinafter – “The User”). The privacy policy detailed below refers to the type of information that the Company may collect and/or remit and/or reveal, as well as the manner and purpose of processing this information. The privacy policy will also instruct and guide the User as to how to act should he wish that his personal details not be collected or revealed and/or remitted to others upon using or visiting the system. 
  2.     1.2. The Company may, at any time, change the privacy policy by revising this document, and this change will be binding upon the User for all senses and purposes.


2.    Managing the Information

  1.    2.1. Some of the services regarding the software must be purchased. Within the framework of using the software you will be required to provide information, such as your name, address, your contact details or your email address, 
  2.     2.2. The Company may manage a database and process any data about the Users (such as name, address, telephone number, email address and such like) (Hereinafter – “Personal Details” or “Personal Information”) that the Company learns of within the framework of using the software and which was provided by the Users, of their own free will. The Company undertakes that insofar as it has such a database, the use thereof and the manner it is managed will be in accordance with the provisions in the laws of the State of Israel to apply to the matter. 
  3.     2.3. The Company may use the personal information for operational purposes, calculation needs and reports executed by the Users, and email notices from the system for alerts and data needs.
  4.     2.4. If the User is not interested in his personal information being collected, provided or revealed in any manner as described above, he must avoid providing his personal details to the Company as stated above or remove himself or some of his personal details.
  5.     2.5. A User of the software who agreed to the terms above in respect to collecting, storing and revealing his personal details in accordance with these provisions, may exercise the right granted to him within the framework of the law. 
  6.    2.6. In the event a judicial order is imposed upon the Company instructing it to collect or remit and/or reveal personal details of the User of the software, the Company will not be liable and/or responsible toward the User or anyone on his behalf.


3.    Additional Information That Will Be Collected Automatically

  1. In certain instances, there may be automatic collection (for example, other than by registration) of certain technical information that cannot be personally identified, at the time the User of the software is connected or browses the software / application.


4.    Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

  1. Only the laws of the State of Israel will apply to the privacy policy, exclusive jurisdiction for any matter relating to the privacy protection policy on the Website will be granted to the competent courts in the Tel Aviv – Yafo district. Synerion ensures to comply with the statutory provisions and respects the rights of the Users of the software and others. Should you have any allegations, please contact us further to the details below and will do our utmost to handle your request as soon as possible. The terms of use are worded in masculine form solely for convenience purposes, and of course also include women.