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Shape your Future Organization.
Develop Great People. Minimize Risks.

Succession management is imperative for every organization, since the future success of your company may very well rely on your next cadre of leaders. As a matter of fact, organizations that succeed in cultivating their next generation of talent, as well as engaging and retaining current employees, are able to create a distinct business advantage.

SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development, a cloud-based solution, helps you manage talent pools, find future leaders, plan for their development and identify opportunities for internal mobility.

Assess Employee Potential Objectively So You Can Identify, Develop, and Retain the Talent You Need

  • Uncover hidden talent through a company wide talent search that leverages comprehensive employee talent profiles
  • Identify employee levels of competency and skills with easy to use assessment tools
  • Objectively identify top (and bottom) performers using a configurable nine-box matrix
  • Use dynamic, drag-and-drop calibration to assess objectively employees’ performance against their potential.

Enable Strategic Succession Management to Drive Better Business Results

  • Assess the risk and impact of key talent loss, and gain visibility into your bench strength
  • Nominate succession candidates to key positions across the company right away
  • Understand the domino effect of proposed succession plans by viewing the succession lineage chart and gaining visibility to a “what if” scenario
  • Close talent gaps with career paths that are linked to development plans and learning activities (through SAP SuccessFactors Learning).

Engage and Motivate Employees with Meaningful Development Plans and Career Opportunities

  • Empower employees to proactively explore career paths, assess readiness, and address gaps through development plans that are targeted at preparing them for future roles
  • Explore “good fit” role recommendations to find positions that match employees’ skills and interests
  • Engage in frequent dialogues about development activities and foster growth by mentoring programs that match mentees and mentors automatically
  • Use talent pools to develop high-potential talent and build bench strength.


Working together

SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development can be a stand-alone system, or a part of the cloud-based Synerion Success solution that integrates with Synerion Core HR, to provide the best cost-benefit ratio. Additionally, it can work alongside SAP SuccessFactors Learning, or SAP Jem to upskill your people and prepare them for future roles.

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"Full synchronization between the organization's and the individual goals of SodaStream's people has a tremendous impact, even on the company's profitability level.
All people are on the same page, striving toward the same goal, and staying focused on them. Managers have stated that the structured process we have built helps them promote the company's business goals."
Ronit Sarig, Director of Corporate Human Resources and Global Organizational Development, SodaStream
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"Proper compensation management is crucial to attracting the best minds in the market to our organization and retaining them over time.
Keeping track of compensation and incentives awarded to each employee allows us to allocate our resources optimally among our employees based on their performance appraisal."
Shlomit Semel , VP HR, Altair
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