Synerion Time and Attendance

Manage Overtime. Reduce Labor Costs.   

Synerion Time and Attendance provides a comprehensive and detailed view of the work hours your organization utilizes, allocates, and pays for, and enables you to constantly improve efficiency and to accurately calculate payroll.
Synerion Time and Attendance addresses a wide range of time and attendance management requirements in organizations and companies: collection, monitoring, analysis of hours of attendance, overtime, breaks, absenteeism and more, based on the specific needs of your organization.

Control and savings with automated attendance management processes 

  • Real-time control over employee attendance and absenteeism to enable you to make the necessary timely adjustments
  • Data collection from different systems such as badge readers, access control systems, smartphones, interactive voice response systems, Internet, biometrics and POS
  • An alert system that reduces risks and prevents penalties resulting from non-compliance with labor laws and regulations
  • Support of a wide range of employment agreements including: global pay, overtime, part-time positions, shifts, split schedule and more, to meet labor laws compliance
  • A central control panel (dashboard) that highlights issues and trends that require your attention, and enables a timely response
  • Analytics providing a comprehensive and valid view of your workforce in real-time
  • Advanced and intuitive interface for easy implementation among users and enhanced utilization of the system, including “Walk Me” option that guides you, step-by-step through processes.

With Synerion Time and Attendance you can reduce errors due to manual data entry, ensure accuracy in payroll calculations, prevent overpayment, and improve productivity.

Flexible Attendance Software to fully meet your needs
  • Synerion’s Time and Attendance system analyzes the working hours according to the specific requirements of your organization: type of work hour, personal employment contracts, business policy, labor laws and regulations, collective agreements, shift patterns, etc.
  • Option for managing employee data in Synerion’s employee file or interface with other organizational systems, saving the need to set up and update data, in disparate systems and allowing the immediate availability of up-to-date reports
  • Compatibility  with any payroll software and all payroll outsourcing
  • Daily reports to the payroll department of errors and exceptions to prevent bottlenecks at the end of the month
  • Employees and managers self-service tools enable real-time reporting of absences and appending of attachments such as medical certificates
  • The system is approved for reporting Chief Scientist hours, including digitally signed reports
  • HTML5, supported by all browsers.
Synerion Time and Attendance increases the transparency of employee data and allows your organization to manage, analyze and maximize work hour efficiency.
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Synerion's Advanced Solutions Utilized by Leading Companies

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Dan Hotels
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"After moving to Synerion’s centralized Time and Attendance system, which enabled us to measure precisely actual working hours, we were able to save more than 250K$ in payroll expenses.
Customized to meet our specific requirements, the system includes Blue Square standards, employment agreements, work procedures and regulations, union contracts, and shift patterns."
Naomi Barzilay, Payroll Data Manager, Blue Square
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"Since we started using the Synerion Hospitality Scheduler module we have been able to save 3% of our labor costs as compared to last year…”
Managers are able to determine how many employees are needed to effectively operate the service, and therefore control the schedule compared to the actual plan as the day unfolds.
David Blum, Group HR, Isrotel Hotels
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