Workforce Management Solutions

Improve Productivity. Manage Employee Time Effectively. Reduce Overtime. Respond to Changes.  

Synerion WFM  4G, our new workforce management suite, provides comprehensive solutions that significantly improve the efficiency of a wide range of processes in your organization.

The result is improved productivity, up to 3% labor cost savings, reduced absenteeism, better utilization of work time, and the ability to measure employee effectiveness and performance in real time.

Synerion WFM solutions are available either In the Cloud - no infrastructure required, or On-Premise. Either model can be implemented modularly, or as a complete and integrated workforce management suite.


Synerion WFM Solutions – Main Benefits

  • Reduced labor costs by minimizing overtime, monitoring shift schedules, and accurate payroll
  • Improved productivity by identifying areas that require streamlining
  • Less tedious administrative tasks through automated processes
  • Assurance of adequate staff coverage
  • Reduced corporate risk through compliance with legislative, union, and contractual requirements by means of alerts in cases of labor law violations
  • A central control panel (dashboard) highlights issues that require your attention and enables a timely responseAnalytics providing a comprehensive and valid view of your workforce in real-time
  • Advanced and intuitive interface for easy implementation among users and enhanced utilization of the system, including “Walk Me” option that guides you, step-by-step through processes
  • Self-service tools to improve communication between employees and managers
  • Increased flexibility with a modular approach that allows your organization to implement and add system components as needed.


Synerion WFM Solutions – Key Features

  • Collects, calculates, and analyzes work hours by employee, department, or task
  • Exposes potential risks and issues that need attention by means of alerts and proactive notifications that call for action
  • Includes a centralized database and automated business processes
  • Provides multi-dimensional views of generated reports
  • Allows self-service access based on levels of authorization
  • HTML5, supported by all browsers
  • Interfaces with most enterprise systems.

Synerion's Advanced Solutions Utilized by Leading Companies

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Jerusalem Municipality
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Dan Hotels
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"After moving to Synerion’s centralized Time and Attendance system, which enabled us to measure precisely actual working hours, we were able to save more than 250K$ in payroll expenses.
Customized to meet our specific requirements, the system includes Blue Square standards, employment agreements, work procedures and regulations, union contracts, and shift patterns."
Naomi Barzilay, Payroll Data Manager, Blue Square
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"Since we started using the Synerion Hospitality Scheduler module we have been able to save 3% of our labor costs as compared to last year…”
Managers are able to determine how many employees are needed to effectively operate the service, and therefore control the schedule compared to the actual plan as the day unfolds.
David Blum, Group HR, Isrotel Hotels
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